Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula got Kenyans confused on Wednesday after he called former Prime Minister Raila Odinga the ‘opposition leader’ months after declaring that he had assumed the role.

On July 29, Wetangula said his Ford Kenya party had assumed the official role of the opposition in the country, claiming that Raila Odinga’s ODM party was dinning with Jubilee and could not provide the oversight role as required.

“I am leading the opposition and we are fighting for Kenyans. In history, we have people who fight and in the process of the fight, there are some who get captured but eventually, others emerge to lead the fight,” stated Wetangula

The Confusion

However, on Wednesday, Mr. Wetangula addressed Raila Odinga as the opposition leader on his morning tweet, following the Tuesday crucial meeting that was convened by NASA principal after a section of his Party members defied the party’s stand on the 8% VAT on fuel.

“Opposition leader wants to punish his opposition MPs for embarrassing him by opposing the government. Talk of wailing louder than the bereaved,” tweeted Wetangula.


His reference towards Odinga ignited an online debate with a section of the public opining that he had already declared and assumed the role of the Opposition leader going by his earlier sentiments.


Tweeps questioned whether he was referring to himself or he had actually forgotten that he was now leading the Opposition.

Below are some of the reactions from KOT;