She’s making waves for her performance in the latest season of Black Mirror.

And Miley Cyrus was spotted enjoying an off-duty day on Thursday, stepping out in her Los Angeles neighbourhood with mom Trish, 52.

The singer kept it super casual in a baggy orange T-shirt, backwards baseball cap and sweatpants on the outing.

Miley Cyrus enjoyed a casual outing on Wednesday with her mom Trish as fans raved about her Black Mirror episode

The outing came as fans took to Twitter to rave about her acting prowess in the latest season of anthology series Black Mirror which just dropped on Netflix.

One viewer gushed: ‘Miley really did an amazing performance. She really made me laugh, cry and dance through all episode. It is really her best performance, so sad the episode wasn’t that long.

Another tweeted: ‘My main takeaway from the new season of #BlackMirror is that @MileyCyrus needs to act more often. Terrific performance.’

Rave reviews: Miley Cyrus plays a former child star in the Black Mirror episode titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Among the many glowing reviews, another person wrote: ‘JUST WOW!! I don’t want to spoil but it may be Miley’s best acting project.’

The 26-year-old singer-and-actress plays a former child star in the episode titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.

Miley was happy to give her own ‘insights and opinions’ on her character, leading to what producers believe to be one of her ‘best’ ever pieces of work.

Creator Charlie Brooker told SFX: ‘She had all sorts of insights and opinions on the script. We had a Skype call with her. She really related to the character and had some useful observations – and very quickly she was on board.

‘I think people will be surprised by what she gets up to in the episode, and by her performance.’


Executive producer Annabel Jones added: ‘I think it was quite an emotional experience for her. She brought lots to the script, but also I think she felt emotional reliving some of these things.

‘She gives a very raw and vulnerable performance. I think it’s one of the best things she’s ever done.’

While casting the Malibu hitmaker was the ‘dream’ for the show, no one involved in the project expected her to even respond when they sent her a script.

Charlie said: ‘We sent her the script thinking, “As if she’s going to say yes to this.”

‘We sent it in the full knowledge that it probably wouldn’t even be rebuffed – I would just be ignored.

‘But we very quickly got word back to say that she was interested.’

Charlie explained of the episode, ‘It’s about celebrity, it’s about loneliness, it’s about music and it’s about digital assistants in the Siri or Alexa mould, so there’s a lot going on in it. It’s also quite bananas.’


Source: Daily Mail