A matatu tout who works on Thika Road is nursing the ambition of becoming Kenya’s next President in 2022. 

John Adan a graduate from Karatina University asked Kenyans to ignore people opposing his dreams owing to lack of resources.

In an interview with the Star in Nairobi on Tuesday, he said some people in society look down upon him due to the nature of his job.

Adan said it is a stumbling block but he is undeterred and is optimistic that all will be fine.

“Many people have laughed at me. They say I’m a serious joker who shouldn’t be listened to. Since 2013, I have been thinking how to be elected to the biggest office in the land but I faced a lot of criticism,” Adan said.

He said he has reached out to the leadership of matatu owners to support his bid.


“So far my own Sacco ZAMZAM backs my dream. I will be speaking to our key leaders next week. I want to prove to Kenyans that good leadership can be achieved through poor and humble citizens,” he said.

Adan, who hails from Moyale, said he wants Deputy President William Ruto to support him.

“I’m the real hustler. The DP should support me. We support the handshake and a structured referendum for the well being of Kenyans,” he said.

Adan said coming from a humble background, he is best-placed to address problems facing ordinary Kenyans and people who are looked down upon.

“My manifesto will be derived from Kenyans. I will listen to them and do what they instruct me to do. Matatu conductors and poor Kenyans should be considered for leadership,” he said.

Adan asked Kenyans of goodwill to support him without focusing on what he does for a living. 

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