Sexy Zari

Wasafi TV’s popular presenter Maimartha Jesse has come out to deny claims that she loathes Zari Hassan.

The presenter whose boss is Zari’s ex-husband, Diamond Platnumz, has been forced to come clean.

Maimatha is known for criticizing Zari at every turn.

Speaking to a Tanzania daily, Maimartha clarified that she does not hate the mother of Diamond’s two children.

She did admit that at times her critique of the South African based businesswoman maybe stinging at times but that doesn’t mean she hates her.

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maimatha said, “Watu wanahisi mimi namchukia Zari lakini hakuna ukweli wowote, Zari nampenda sana na ni mwanamke ambaye ana ushawishi (People feel like I hate Zari but there is no truth in that premise. I really love Zari, she is a woman who has influence).”


Maimatha added she has love for Zari thanks to her status as an influential woman who has done well for herself in the business arena.

However,  if she is wrong, Maimatha said she will not hesitate to call her out. The funny thing about this was, Maimatha was one of Zari’s biggest supporters before she turned into one of the people who deliver stinging disapproval.

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The TV personality was also forced to clarify on whether she preferred Hamisa Mobetto to Zari Hassan and if that was the basis of her criticism.

She continued, “Ila pale anapokosea namkosoa kama mtu mwingine anavyoweza kukosolewa, mimi wala si Timu Hamisa (But when she is wrong, I criticize her the same way I would any other public figure. I do not belong to the Team Hamisa either.” 

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