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Some of the Tharaka-Nithi members of county assembly have defended Governor Muthomi Njuki following claims that he has neglected farmers by not supporting the ‘Ndengu Revolution’.

Deputy Governor Nyamu Kagwima made the allegations last week concerning the programme launched last year as part of several empowerment efforts.

MCAs led by Mwenda Gataya (Mukothima) dismissed Mr Kagwima’s claim and the call for a rotational government, saying Governor Njuki has achieved a lot in terms of development in his two terms.

Mr Gataya was one of those who called for this kind of government but he said on Friday that he had changed his mind.

He previously wanted the governor to be from the Tharaka community come 2022, noting that former county boss Samuel Ragwa came from Maara while Mr Njuki is from Chuka/Igambang’ombe.

Mr Gataya explained that he changed his mind after realising that Mr Njuki was a “workaholic”.

“What is important is development, not where the leader comes from,” said Mr Gataya, who is from Tharaka.

Muthambi MCA and assembly minority leader, Wilson Nyaga, his Chiakariga counterpart Njagi Murandi and nominated MCA Muthini Karangi said they were ready to support Mr Njuki until 2027 because he has proved to be a performer. 

Mr Nyaga said he regrets supporting Mr Ragwa in 2017 and vowed to work with the incumbent.


He dismissed the call for a rotation, saying, “I supported the former governor but I am now enjoying the fruits of handshake with Mr Njuki. I promise to support him with both my resources and energy.”

The ward representatives spoke during the governor’s launch of the rehabilitation of Chiakariga-Kanyaki road.

Mr Kagwima did not attend the event thought it took place in his home ward of Ciakariga. 

The county boss said he will not pay attention to detractors out to disorientate him so that he loses focus and fails to keep his campaign promises.

He asked politicians eyeing his seat to give him ample time to work noting that in the next general election, residents will look at every elected leader’s scorecard and either elect or do away with them based on their performance.

“I will not listen to detractors because I have a duty to serve my people,” Mr Njuki said, adding that by 2022, he will have fulfilled all the pledges in his manifesto so his rivals will have nothing to use against him.

Governor Njuki’s close allies claim he will partner with MCA Gataya ahed of the 2022 elections.

Politicians from the Tharaka community say they will support one of their own in that poll.