All judges and magistrates will be required to subscribe to the new Judicial Code of Conduct and Ethics once it is approved by Parliament.

Chief Justice David Maraga on Monday said the code demands independence, impartiality, professionalism and objectivity in the discharge of duties by all judicial officers.

He said the code also prohibits private communication or correspondence between magistrates and litigants and involvement in business or activities that may result in a conflict of interest.

 “It tells you what you can and cannot do on social media, and prohibits the use of your office for unlawful enrichment, acceptance of loans and gifts by you or your family that are inconsistent with judicial office or likely to be perceived as intended to influence you,” Maraga said.


He spoke when he presided over the induction of 47 newly recruited magistrates.

The new magistrates included 33 women and 14 men.

Maraga also warned the magistrates against participating, directly or indirectly, in tenders for supply of goods or services to the Judiciary or the Judicial Service Commission.

He said his office is determined to root out all corrupt officials and subject them to prosecution.

“I must emphasise that the Judiciary does not entertain or condone corruption within its ranks. You are well aware of the current war against corruption. As a judiciary, we cannot be presiding over corruption cases while abetting corruption within our corridors,” he said.

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