Chief Justice David Maraga has questioned how DPP Noordin Haji frames cases before taking them to court.

Maraga’s statement comes a day after the DPP and DCI accused the Judiciary of leniency with suspects.

“Look at the way you frame cases. How can you put 30 accused persons in one charge sheet. And these 30 people are being represented by 30 lawyers,” he said.

“… how long do you think that will take?.. Those kind of cases will never move… let us speak the truth… find ways of how you frame your cases.”

Speaking during the Anti-Corruption Conference at the Bomas of Kenya, Maraga said if the DPP does not solve these issues, cases will be stagnant.

“You will continue blaming the Judiciary and we are not going to move anywhere because of the way your frame the cases. You can put two people on a charge sheet and provide evidence,” he said.


The CJ said some cases are adjourned because the accused persons have not been given statements.

“This war will not be won with anything short of a fair hearing,” he said.

Haji has in the past blamed the judiciary of delaying cases and releasing corruption suspects out on bail, and worse still, allowing them to remain in office.

DCI boss George Kinoti also noted that the Judiciary has slowed the graft war by granting low bail, injunctions and being swayed by technicalities.

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