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Police in Lamu have arrested a 68-year-old man for allegedly stabbing and killing a young man in Kiangwe village within Boni Forest in Lamu East after the two fell out during an argument on Sunday.

Mr Omar Lola Hussein is said to have pounced on 25-year-old Issa Hussein Shidho and stabbed him severally in the stomach killing him instantly.

The victim is said to have allegedly uttered something which did not go down well with the suspect.

Eye witnesses said the two were enjoying a chat while chewing miraa at their favourite joint before the older man turned on Mr Shidho after he was offended by what the young man was saying against him.

“It started as a joke which then degenerated into an argument. The old man then stood up immediately and started throwing blows on the victim. As the young man tried to defend himself, the old man pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the stomach. The knife went about 8cm deep into the deceased man’s stomach killing him on the spot,” said Mr Shurie Athman, a resident.

Speaking to the Nation on Sunday, Lamu County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri confirmed the incident and said the suspect had already been arrested and is being held at the Lamu Town Police Station as interrogations continue.

Mr Kanyiri said the exact cause of the fatal altercation has yet to be established but added that police are interrogating the suspect as he awaits to be arraigned on Monday where he will answer to charges of first degree murder.


“It is true, the murder incident happened at Kiangwe on the night of Saturday. The man stabbed his village mate after a quarrel. The reason for the quarrel is yet to be known. We already have the suspect in custody and we are interrogating him. We shall have him in court on Monday,” said Mr Kanyiri.

Mr Kanyiri warned locals against taking matters into their hands whenever faced with agitating situations, adding that the law will deal ruthlessly with such individuals.

“We urge the local communities not to resort to violent ways to resolve squabbles or any form of disputes. Violence may land them in jail,” said Mr Kanyiri.

Meanwhile Basuba Location Chief Yusuf Nuri wants the sale of miraa banned in their area arguing that it is contributing to increased conflicts.

Speaking to journalists at Kiangwe on Sunday, Mr Nuri cited the villages of Kiangwe, Basuba, Milimani, Mararani and Mangai as the most affected by miraa chewing.

“My people, I mean the Bonis, can’t handle their stresses in life due to the too much time they spend chewing miraa. They don’t even have time to sleep. Many conflicts and fights reported in this area have been associated with miraa,” said Mr Nuri.