A man nicknamed the Romeo of Rimini because he slept with so many women has died while having intercourse with a 23-year-old tourist.

Maurizio Zanfanti, Italy’s most famous playboy, was 63 when he died.

He is said to have slept with more than 6,000 women, previously boasting that in a successful summer he could sleep with around 200 women.

17 years

His highest tally, he said, was 207. He started out as a nightclub promoter in Rimini, a beach-side party town in Italy, in the 1970s when he was 17.

Working for a nightclub called Blow Up, he would chat to women on the street to try and get them to come into the venue to party.


Maurizio Zanfanti has died at the age of 63 (Rex Shutterstock)


In a 2016 interview he said: ‘I think I’ve done more tourism promotion for Rimini than a hundred agencies.’

During the winter months he worked for tourist agencies in Scandinavia and he was so well-known that a wax statue of him was put up in a Swedish town.


Heart attack

However he had a fatal heart attack while having sex with a woman from eastern Europe on his estate in the Pradella area of Rimini.

She called emergency services but paramedics were unable to revive him and he was declared dead. Italian media has said it was the way he would have wanted to go.