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Police in Rangwe Sub County have arrested a 26-year-old man for allegedly eloping with a Standard Four pupil from Gem sub location.

The suspect was arrested on Sunday by Administration Police officers from Sinema AP camp with the help of the local administrators.

His arrest came after residents noticed the pupil, 13, failed to report to school for first term studies. 

Mr Peter Oula, a local chief, said he reported the incident to the police after reports that the two were living as man and wife in a church compound. 

“The pupil was reported missing three months ago. When I heard that she was seen in the church, I quickly mobilised for security and backup for a rescue mission,” he said.

The “couple” was found in the church on Saturday evening but the suspect claimed they were praying. 


“They were found in a compromising position suggesting that they were or have been engaging in sexual intercourse. The suspect tried to escape but he was arrested. We believe they have been staying together since the girl disappeared from home,” said Mr Oula.

The administrator told the press that the suspect is a member of a local gang that has been terrorising residents. 

“His name has featured in several robbery cases. He has been on the run for some time,” said Mr Oula. 

The suspect, his father and the minor have been taken to Rangwe Police Station as investigations continue. 

Rangwe County Police Commander Marius Tum said his officers are probing the suspects. 

“I have been informed of the matter. I am yet to get a comprehensive statement over what happened,” said the county police boss Marius Tum.