Suspect arrested and taken to Sondu Police Station after killing father in domestic dispute.

A 35-year-old man from Koiyat village in Soin/Sigowet constituency has been arrested over his father’s murder.

Belgut police boss Phillip Okello said the suspect is being held at Sondu Police Station.
Okello said the man fought with his father yesterday evening after the old man drove cattle into his compound to shelter from rain. He is said to have stabbed his father in the head with a spear.
Moses Kimutai Kosgei, 60, succumbed to his injuries at Sigowet Sub-County Hospital.
“Due to heavy rains, Kosgei decided to take shelter in his son’s compound. This however, upset the suspect and a bitter altercation ensured,” said Okello.
Grabbed spear
The police boss added that the suspect asked his father to leave but the old man refused to budge. The son then grabbed a spear and attacked his father.
“The suspect grabbed his father and wrestled him to the ground. He then stabbed him in the head several times, inflicting severe wounds. The old man succumbed to his injuries in hospital,” said Okello.
Robert Ng’eno, a relative, said the old man was a teetotaler and never quarreled with anyone.
“He led a simple life as a farmer and only concerned himself with looking after his cattle,” said Ng’eno.
He said the suspect, a tout, inherited the spear from his grandfather.
Okello added that the suspect was arrested at Sigowet Hospital where he had gone to check on his father.
“Once we received information that the suspect was within the hospital precincts, police officers stationed at Sondu Police Station rushed there and arrested him,” said Okello.
The Belgut OCPD said the suspect will be taken to court once investigations are complete.
The victim’s body was taken to Sigowet Sub-county Hospital mortuary.


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