15 property owners of areas alienated to Mama Ngina waterfront gardens in Mombasa have been given 14 days to submit their ownership documents.

National Lands Commission chairman Mohammed Swazuri said the commission investigated and confirmed the properties were illegally acquired.

“The owners should prepare to vacate the said lands within 90 days of the same notice,” Swazuri said in a statement on Tuesday

Some of the holders are; Mohammed Ali, Nassim Ibrahim, Baptist fellowship church, part of the golf course to be surrendered after the expiry of the lease, Pratibha Dishi and Kamlesh Lalitchandra.

Names of other owners were not listed but their property plot numbers were.

Swazuri had disclosed that 20 acres of the Mama Ngina Water Front Park in Mombasa have been grabbed.


The acreage of parcel set aside by the government in the 1970s was 26, according to documents at the Ministry of Lands and the National Land Commission.

Swazuri told journalists in Mombasa that 13 private entities and individuals were irregularly allocated the 20 acres between 1985 and 2012.

The total acreage of the fenced off plots – Plot 408 and Plot 1018 – is  2.3 acres.

They measure 1.5 acres and 0.8 acres and are next to Aga Khan School and Coast Police headquarters respectively.

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