Make-up Mistakes That’re Ageing You

Make-up application a client at Lintons Beauty World. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Most women would agree that getting the right make-up that works with their unique skin tones is not an easy job. When someone finally gets the balance, she easily falls into the same routine.

However, as the skin ages, a woman should change the make-up regime. Harsh weather conditions make the skin age quickly especially if one does not take care of it properly.

Stephany Rang’alla, a beauty expert says that most African women think that dark skin does not require sunscreen or moisturiser. These are mistakes that most women make when young, denying them to chance to glow into their 60s. Many people do not understand the importance of taking care of their skin. By the time they start applying make-up, it reacts with the skin.

“When you reach your 40s, you might want to rethink how you apply make-up because what worked when you were 20 might not necessarily work for a person at an older age or some products make accelerate the ageing process on the face,” she says.

For example, never apply concealers, eye-shadow or blush without putting on a good foundation. Most foundations are not harsh to the skin unless someone does not clean them off well.


“Many women wear foundation almost five days in a week and their skin is not damaged. This is because most high-end foundations have sunscreen. Those who have breakouts or flare-outs do not know how to wear make-up correctly,” says the beauty expert.

Women in their 20s can get away with almost everything but when you reach 30s and 40s, less make-up is key. Being caked out so as to hide wrinkles usually has the opposite effect.

As a woman ages, fine lines or wrinkles develop on the face. But this can be delayed if someone took care of their skin or of they are lucky to have oily skin.

“People with dry skin tend to get fine lines and wrinkles early in life because their skin lacks moisture and it is not hydrated as much as oily skin. Oily skin secrets too much sebum, preventing wrinkles from forming as fast unlike someone with dry skin,” she says.

The eye area is also another place on the face to be cautious of. Concealers can be great to hide circles and dark spots around the eye but if used incorrectly they can make a person look older than they really are.

Too much of it on the eye can also accelerate formation of wrinkles and fine lines as it tends to settle inside the creases.

Using a lip liner as a lip colour is not also a very wise idea. Ms Rang’alla, however, says that each person is unique and what works for one does not necessarily mean it will work for another person.

Overall, she says, if a person applies sunscreen, hydrates the face and skin and also follows the correct skin care routine before and after make-up application, then one has nothing to worry about having a glowing youthful skin.

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