West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo has relieved his deputy, Nicholas Atudonyang, of the Health docket in a Cabinet reshuffle less than a week after the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission questioned him over paying the Texas-based medic.

Dr Atudonyang has not been in the county since March. Prof Lonyangapuo, who replaced him with Agriculture executive Geoffrey Lipale, told the Press on Monday that he had reshuffled his Cabinet to improve service delivery.

“I have made the changes according to the Constitution and the County Government Act,” he said. The governor said he had received a letter from Dr Atudonyang asking to be relieved of the post.

“He doesn’t depend on the salary. Those who have been making noise about misuse of funds should stop it. We need motivation and new energies for results to be realised. My CECs and chief officers are competent and I am proud of them,” he said.


Meanwhile, Mr Lipale was replaced by Francis Kitalawiyan, who was moved from the Finance department.

Luka Chepelion was moved from Roads and Infrastructure to Finance. The new Roads CEC is Augustine Monges, who was moved from Trade. The new CEC for Trade is Joel Arumonyang, who moved from Lands and replaced with Francis Kitalawiyan, who takes over the docket in full capacity.

The new CEC for Public Service, ICT and Devolved Units is Jackson Yaralima, who was moved from Water.

Hewas replaced by Emily Chepoisyo, who was transferred from Tourism, Culture and Youth Affairs.

The new Tourism CEC is Ruth Kisabit who was moved from Public Service.

The reshuffle also affected chief officers who were moved as the governor began his second year in office.

The new chief officer for Medical Services is Edna Krop, who was moved from Preventive and Promotive Health Services and replaced by Peter Adoki, who was moved from Environment and Natural Resources.

Isaiah Pendoh is the new chief officer Department of Pastoral Economy. He was moved from the Devolved Units. The chief officer for Economic Planning is Samson Nyangaluk Maywa.

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