A legal battle is looming between the government and prominent Kenyans wanted by the FBI over narcotics trafficking as the US plans to make formal extradition requests.

The Kenyan suspects fear the government may cooperate with US authorities to cut short the protracted legal process that ordinarily could see the extradition take years in the corridors of justice.

The cooperation is to have authorities arrest the suspects, bundle them into a plane and send them out of the country to face justice in the United States.

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Akasha brothers Baktash and Ibrahim were clandestinely taken away in similar fashion, while their extradition case was ongoing.


Over the weekend, the Star exclusively reported that three governors, a Cabinet secretary, two judges and a Chief Administrative Secretary are among tens of Kenyans being sought by the US over links to the notorious Akasha drugs family.

The list, still kept under wraps has sent shivers among the Kenyan elite who were close to the Akashas.

Most of the suspects are said to be accomplices in the narcotics underworld while others, especially the judges and top police officers, pocketed hefty bribes to aid to protect the drugs business and obstruct justice.

However, lawyers who spoke to the Star said extradition must officially be sanctioned by the High Court and anything less would amount to a travesty of justice.

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