The statement made by two of Kijana Wamalwa’s children are malicious and in bad taste, the late’s eldest daughter Alice Wamalwa has said.

The two, Michelle Nafuna Wamalwa and Derrick Mboya on Friday said since the passing on of their father and former vice president, the late Yvonne Wamalwa who was their mother struggled to access her medical cover even when she battled cancer.

The two accused Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa of teaming up with their relatives to dethrone them from their father’s estate.

Michelle who is the last born said she was forced to drop out of school for over a year since the inheritance case is still in court.

Hearing of the case is February 4th.

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But in a statement on Saturday, Alice together with her three siblings said the statement issued by the two was meant to embarrass their family.

“It was meant to cast our family in bad light. That is regrettable and sad that this matter has turned out this way,” she said.

“We were surprised to see a statement issued by Mboya touching on the matters relating to our late father’s estate to which he is a stranger as he is neither a beneficiary nor an authorized person to speak on our behalf.”


Alice said discussing issues of money and inheritance while the matter is alive before the court is subjudice.

“We are urging all and sundry to keep off and let the court determine the matter in accordance with the constitution and the laws of Kenya,” she said.

“We believe that the court will determine the right and fair share of each beneficiary of the estate.” The statement was signed by Alice, Jabali Wamalwa, William Wamalwa (senior) and William Wamalwa (junior).

In her first media interview, Michelle also known as Chichi opened up to the Star about the family’s protracted property dispute with her step-siblings that have left them impoverished.

“When you go and look for help, you’re told there are people in your family who can take care of you, why don’t you go to them? These same people are the ones ruining your life,” Chichi told the Star at her family’s overgrown, rundown, unguarded Karen home.

Reached for comment on Friday, Eugene said he could only discuss Chichi’s education on Saturday. “Call me tomorrow. Am with her at her late mother’s first anniversary memorial service at Karen,” he said in a text message.

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