The alleged abduction of Saida Abdulrahman took a new twist when police on Monday denied she was pregnant. 

“The gynaecologist’s report indicates she never conceived. Neither did she have an abortion,” Mombasa DCI boss Jacob Kanake told journalists in his office.

“In fact, doctors say she is unable to conceive because she has a problem with her uterus.

The 20-year-old woman was reportedly abducted on Thursday last week in Mombasa and found in Majengo slum in Nairobi four days later. 

Saida had duped her family that she was eight months pregnant. She claimed she lost the pregnancy after her abductors injected her with a labour inducing chemical. Saida said she lost consciousness and when she woke up she was bleeding.

Her mother Khadija Bwanaomar and husband Mohamed Abdulrahman say they had no reason to doubt her story.

“I raised her well. I don’t know why she would do such a thing to us,” Bwanaomar said.

Kanake said he had ordered Saida to undergo gynaecological and psychiatric tests.

Lobby group Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri) that was following the case said it was doing its work.

“We are equally shocked by the turn of events,” chairperson Khelef Khalifa.

He spoke at the Urban police station where police handed Saida to the family.

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Kanake said they are still piecing together more evidence to find the motive behind all the allegations.

“At this moment, we are yet to find the motive. Why would she make up such a story? Why would she make us use all those resources to look for her?” Kanake asked.

Mombasa police boss Eliud Mong’are said the important thing is that Saida was found alive.

“Her story had raised alarm in Mombasa where people believe abduction cases are rampant,” he Mong’are.

The family revealed this was not Saida’s first “pregnancy”.

He mother said conceived a baby but miscarried in the first trimester.

The gynaecologist says this may have damaged her uterus, which now cannot hold a pregnancy.

Kanake said Saida might be charged with giving false information.

“The psychiatrist’s report shows she is of sound mind and is fit to follow court proceedings,” Kanake said.

He, however, said investigations are still ongoing. The DCI boss said other people may be charged too.

He said her story kept changing during interrogation.

“At first she claimed three women abducted her, then this changed to six,” he said.

The woman who looked frail and in pain was supported to a car by her husband.

The family said Abdulrahman showed scans of the pregnancy when he visited the clinic with Saida.

“Today, the clinic where she frequented told us they have no records of Saida. The last time she was there was in March,” a family member said outside the police station.