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Detectives in Mombasa have revealed shocking details on the alleged abduction of 20-year-old woman Saida Abderehman, who had been reported pregnant.

On Monday, Mombasa Urban police boss Jacob Kanake said that Ms Abderehman was not pregnant as claimed by her family.

Speaking to journalists at his office, Mr Kanake said medical reports from Coast Provincial General Hospital (CPGH), where the girl was admitted after being found in Nairobi, showed she cannot carry a pregnancy.

It also emerged that Ms Abderehman miscarried in March.

“We have confirmed with the doctors that the woman was not pregnant,” the officer said.

“It is clear that there is something behind all this that we are not being told but will get to know soon.”

He spoke before the woman was handed to her family and told them she will be summoned for further interrogation.

Earlier, the CPGH administration said “the matter is bigger than what we think”.

Mr Kanake said charges including giving false information to police may be preferred against her.

He added that her mother Ms Khadija Bwana Omar and her husband Mr Mohammed Abdulkarim will also be summoned to give details on the alleged kidnapping.


“We used our resources to look for the woman and we are happy that we found her alive but this is the beginning of this matter. We want to know who was to benefit in all this.”

Despite the report from Mr Kanake, the family insisted that Ms Abderehman was pregnant.

“I saw her. Her bump was big and no one could doubt if she was pregnant. We are shocked about the turn of events,” her mother told the Nation.

Ms Abderehman was abducted on Thursday last week while on her way to board a Malindi-bound matatu at Buxton in Mombasa.

She was to connect to Lamu for a midday flight from the Malindi International Airport. The Nation saw the flight ticket that she had obtained.

The family said Ms Abderehman, who is recuperating at the CPGH, was kidnapped alongside another expectant mother. The woman said she was taken by six women.

One of her relatives in Nairobi, Mr Faraj Ahmed, who was among those who responded to calls by a good Samaritan after Ms Abderehman was found, said: “She said three of them had the accent of the people of Lamu. She told me she escaped from her abductors at around 4am and ran to unknown place.”