The family of Saida Abdulrahman, who was found in Nairobi four days after she was kidnapped, lost her baby.

Relatives of the 20-year-old woman, who was kidnapped on Thursday last week, said her life is in danger after receiving three strange phone calls on Sunday. Eight months pregnant Saida was rescued in Majengo slum.

She is being treated at Coast General Hospital under tight security.

Family spokesperson and Saida’s cousin Akirima Mohamed told the Star three different women called the family.

“The women said they are Muslims and they wanted to know where Saida is so that they could visit her,” Mohamed said.

Saida’s kidnappers injected her with a labour-inducing substance before she lost consciousness, she told her family.

“When she woke up, she was bleeding. She had no baby bump,” Mohamed said.

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Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri) chair Khelef Khalifa said there is more than meets the eye.

 “We suspect a smuggling syndicate of babies’ vital organs. We are waiting for police to finish investigations,” Khalifa said at the hospital.


 After she was rescued, Saida was taken o Radiant Hospital in Pangani, Nairobi, for treatment.

 She was flown to Mombasa at midnight and admitted to Coast General.

 On Monday, doctors and security officers prevented journalists from seeing Saida. Some family members were also not allowed to see her.

“A doctor said she is undergoing tests and cannot be allowed to see visitors. We have to wait,” said Khalifa.

“The doctor told us this issue is bigger than we thought. We don’t know what that means.”

The family wanted to transfer Saida to a private hospital but security officers declined.

Muhuri’s rapid response officer Francis Auma said abductions are becoming rampant in Mombasa.

Saida was abducted in Mombasa while on her way to Buxton where she was to take a matatu to Malindi Airport. Saida was scheduled to fly to Lamu to wait for her delivery

Lamu woman representative Ruweida Obo visited Saida and said women are becoming easy prey for kidnappers.

“Women, especially the pregnant ones, are fearful because of this case,” she said.

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