Kenyans on Monday took to social media to express their anger over the growing Chinese influence on the multi-billion SGR project.

PSCU Director Dennis Itumbi started off the stormy debate after posting photos intended to celebrate the completion of the Ngong SGR, which will become the longest railway tunnel in East Africa.

However, most Kenyans did not celebrate with Itumbi, but instead complained that the signs on the construction project were in Chinese with miniature or no English or Swahili translations.


Some commentators jokingly remarked that there was nothing to difference between the Ngong site and any other site in China.

This looks like a Chinese train station…these guys will soon own all our title deeds,” Kenned Otwombe said.

City lawyer Donald Kipkorir was among those who condemned the use of Chinese languages and symbols on local projects.


Kipkorir warned that the use of the Asian language, was a reminder of the dangers of defaulting the growing debt owed to the Chinese.

France, Italy, Germany & Japan have financed many projects in Kenya & we never saw Banners in their languages. China has given us a loan but the SGR Banners are in Chinese . The day we default, which will happen, the tiny English translations will be removed. All will be CHINESE,” the lawyer tweeted.


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Here are some more comments as observed by Pulselive.co.ke: