A suspect taken to a police post in Marakwet East by his brothers, on allegations of theft and attempted suicide, stole two G3 rifles and made a dramatic escape hours later.

Abel Kilimo Rop, 26, escaped from Liter Police Post in Tot at about 12.50pm on Monday, Marakwet East divisional police commander (OCPD) Vincent Kitili confirmed on Tuesday.

After his arrest, Mr Kilimo was handcuffed and locked up in a room in which officers at the post slept.

A police report said, “He managed to slip his hands from the handcuffs and forcefully moved out of the cell.”

It added, “Taking advantage of the absence of officers at the post, the suspect ransacked the building and accessed two G3 rifles with four magazines fully loaded, that were under the bed in the OCPP’s room.”



The report identified the officer commanding the police post (OCPP) as Sergeant Wycliffe Juma Makhanu.

It said that after sensing danger, Mr Makhanu locked the main door of the post from outside.

But the suspect started firing, forcing the unarmed officers who were around to scamper for safety.

An alarm was sounded and backup requested from Chesogon AP post in West Pokot, but the suspect had escaped by the time the officers arrived.

Police later recovered the guns amid a search for the suspect, with the help of residents.

Mr Kitili said the weapons were found in a bush and that the search for Mr Kilimo was ongoing.