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Kenya: Narok Town Traders Grapple With Lack of Sewage System




Hoteliers in Narok are paying huge sums of money for exhausters to empty their septic tanks and transport the waste to Bomet County, more than 82 kilometres away for disposal.

The lack of a sewerage system in the town that has an estimated population of over 60,000 people has forced real estate owners to use septic tanks to dispose off solid human waste which is later siphoned by hired exhausters, thereby pushing up the cost of housing.

The Narok County government had set aside a spot at a quarry near Narok town to dispose human waste but the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) closed down the site two months ago after it got full and was spilling the waste into the adjacent Enkare Narok River.


For lack of an alternative spot, the exhausters transport the effluent to Bomet County.

According to Mr Patrick Narankaik, the caretaker of Olmaji Building, the move has dealt them a big blow as they have to bear the cost of transporting the waste out of Narok.

Mr Narankaik said they used to pay Sh4,000 for a three-ton exhauster, but they are now paying Sh16,000 for the same, while a seven-ton exhauster is charging Sh25,000.

“Our hotel is in the Narok CBD and we have a lot of people using our facilities. As such, the septic tank fills up quickly. In a week we empty it three times at accost of more than Sh75,000,” said Mr Narankaik.