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Kenya: Nairobi Governor Arrested on Corruption Charges




Kenya’s public prosecutor Noordin Haji on Friday ordered the immediate arrest and prosecution of Nairobi County Governor Gideon Mbuvi.

He said the governor and nearly a dozen senior Nairobi County officials face charges of unlawful acquisition of public property, money laundering and other economic crimes.

According to Haji, investigations by Kenya’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission found enough evidence to warrant arrest and prosecution of Mbuvi and his accused associates.

“In making this decision, the office of the director of public prosecution is cognizant of the principal of innocence ’til proven guilty, the determination which can only be made by a court of law,” Haji said. “The decision to charge is based on the evidence that is available … at the time the decision is made.”

Last month, Mbuvi tried to stop the Corruption Commission from investigating him but the courts declined to issue a temporary restrain order.

In Friday’s briefing, Haji warned Mbuvi’s supporters against any attempts to subvert the cause of justice.

“In recent times, we have seen that corruption fights back, and there have been blatant misguided attempts to intimidate, threaten and malign investigating officers and agencies,” Haji said. “We shall not allow such acts to go on and I have directed the law enforcement agencies to investigate any such attempts and upon establishment of evidence, additional charges shall be preferred against those perpetuating these acts.”