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Kenya: Mixed Reactions to FKF’s Roadmap for Elections




Football Kenya Federation’s (FKF) new roadmap for fresh elections has attracting varied reactions.

The Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) chairman John Ohaga nullified the football body’s county and national elections on Tuesday last week and come Saturday, FKF president Nick Mwendwa released a new timeline for the elections.

“Our term of office ends on February 10 and we do not want to remain in the office via a court order,” said Mwendwa.

The timetable includes subjecting the amended electoral rules to a month-long public participation ahead of the federation’s Special General Meeting (SGM) on January 8 where the Electoral Board will be formed.

But former FKF president Sam Nyamweya and Simon Mburu, who are gunning for the presidency have accused Mwendwa of shunning the sub-branches in the process.

“One month is not adequate enough to do public participation. We need to involve all stakeholders, including Fifa, Caf, sub-branches, referees, coaches, fans, the media, fans and anyone else with interest,” argued Nyamweya.

Mburu added: “The elections must start from the sub-branches. We should let the members say what they want. I am also against this issue of aspirants seeking endorsements. It is a way of locking out people.”

At the same time, some aspirants vying for the county seats have said they are ready for the fresh elections.

Meanwhile, Kelvin Mwangu and Caleb Malweyi who were elected as chairpersons in Vihiga County and at Nairobi West respectively before the elections were nullified, have said they are ready for a second attempt at re-election.