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I have a healthy appetite. I don’t really mess around with food. But guys make fun of me.

I hate going on dates when I’m hungry because sometimes I can’t help but eat a lot, especially buffets of five-course meals.

Many times I eat something before I go out to restrain myself, because I have always been told that girls should eat with restraint on dates lest they scare away the man.

I don’t want to be deceitful to a man I like by pretending I don’t eat a lot. Because eventually, he will find out. How do I handle this?

I do agree that it doesn’t make sense to hide who you really are on the first date.

I only wish everyone could be so honest. I do also think that for every woman who eats a lot, there is a man who doesn’t mind, and if he minds your true self, then he isn’t for you.


You see, the point of dating is to get to know someone. And that does not include starving yourself for someone else’s pleasure.

Especially because you do have a point – he’ll find out eventually, no? If a man chooses to like you, it should be for the true depiction you have shown, as opposed to an act you’re going through to please him.

Also, again, if he makes fun of you – he isn’t the one you’re supposed to be eating the rest of your life with.