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My man told me it’s over just because I went to a church kesha.

He is always complaining when I’m offered lifts to work by our neighbours. He accused me of sleeping with them, then moved out of our bedroom and began sleeping in the sitting room on the sofa.

I have never given him any reason to doubt me. I value my family.

I rearranged my life for him. I try to spend as much time with him and our family as possible.

I even decided to relocate so that my family can be together, as I was living with the children alone and he was in another town and we would see him very few times in the year. I wanted us to be together.


Perhaps having not given him cause to doubt you, it is time to simply relocate from whence you came. i.e., if he doesn’t want you, you can also just go back to the life you had before him.

The things he is pinning on you are an expression of his own insecurities, and quite possibly he is projecting what he would do in the same situation, as opposed to something he actually believes you are doing.

Your life revolves around him but his clearly does not revolve around you – seeing as you’re the one doing all the moving and he’s the one doing all the excusing. How exactly was he planning for you to get to work? Take those lifts, sis.