The past week has seen gospel artistes trending for all the wrong reasons.

Bahati has been the topic of discussion after news broke out that he has not been giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, in this case, people under his label EMB Records.

Mr Seed suffered this fate during the new year’s event, where Bahati proposed to his baby mama, Diana. A story broke out claiming that during the event, Nimo, Mr Seeds fiancée was kicked out by cops and Bahati has since then not paid Mr Seed his cut for performing.

Fans have now turned against Bahati which is evident from the comments on his new song, Nyota. Bahati is known as a gospel artistes but from the lyrics of his new song, there is little to nothing gospel.

Gospel music according to Google is a genre of Christian music on the teaching or revelation of Christ.

Here are some comments:

Brenda: Can you pay Mr.Seed and go back to God..mmepotea!!the gospel industry is a scam!!! Get your house in Order my friend ?‍♀️

Gracy: Noooo..Kenyans have refused to support his Music ? because of his bad behaviors!!!Were supporting Mr seed this time around ..let’s Bahati repent first!!!

Kash: aki this tuvijana tunajifanyana twa gospel bure kabisa (these boys are pretending to be gospel but very useless)


Wambui: @bahatikenya let me politely remind you… Matt 22:21, render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s…

Lenna: Hii ni mathogothanio…tafuta guardian angle akwambie gospel ni nini(look for Guardian Angel to let you know what gospel is)

Also read:

Galgola: Who are you singing for, is it the woman or God??? Man this is why Christian don’t see gate of heaven…

Lawrence: Sasa hiyo ni gospel??? Nktt

Clearly, Kenyans are very angry.

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