Tedd Josiah lost his wife a few years ago but he has never hidden their memories from his daughter Jay.

Pictures of his late wife, Reginah are all over the house and it is clear that Jay is aware of who she is despite the fact that she died before they bonded.

Tedd Josiah

Little Jay saw a picture of her mother on the wall and cried out that she misses her after saying hi to her. Jay is an innocent girl unaware of what goes on but she is growing to learn and understand what death is.

Yes she said “ I miss you” JayJay must know cause when we walk past her mothers pictures she stops to say hi ?? to mama and blow mama a kiss ?

Tedd Josiah opens up that this will be a tough month for him having his valentine in Heaven but he will always keep her legacy.

Tedd Josiah wife, Reginah1
This is the month of love ? it’s a tough one always specially when our valentine is up in heaven. But we pray for her and celebrate her life everyday by keeping her dream alive and making sure the child she brought into this world has a happy childhood. I can never be even half the mom she was but i can guard her legacy, memory, baby and dreams.
That’s what UNCONDITIONAL and ever after means.


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