Ljay Maasai and Ashley Mutahi’s relationship status has changed to single.

The two have called it quits after dating for years now. Ljay’s ex-girlfriend revealed this on her ‘ask me a question’ segment on social media.

A fan asked ‘Are you dating Maasai?‘ and her answer came with an explanation after shouting that they are not, with the help of Wikipedia.

nope not dating him!

Despite Ashley confessing they are not dating, she seems to be missing him. Another fan put it out there that she misses Ashley and Ljay on Instagram as the two oozed an amazing love language on social media.

Ashley answered this honesty, saying she misses them too.


Neither has spoken on what led to their separation months after Ljay released ‘wedding pictures’, where she was the vixen in his hit song.

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We wish them the very best in their separate life, hopefully they will find love elsewhere.

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