Real Madrid star Luka Modric and France boss Didier Deschamp were the biggest winners of the FIFA The Best Award ceremony that held on Monday, September 24 with votings from national team coaches and captain including that of the Super Eagles, Gernot Rohr and Mikel John Obi.

Modric’s World Cup

Modri beat his former Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah to win the Men’s Player of the Year award after getting 29.05% of the votes.

Ronaldo got 19. 08% while Salah managed 11.23% of the votes with the rest shared among the top 10.

National team coaches and captains from around the world were asked to vote for three nominees for both awards and the results of the votes have been published.

Rohr and Mikel’s votes


Gernot Rohr and Mikel Obi joined other National team coaches and captains in voting for the awards (Getty Images)


Super Eagles boss Rohr voted for Modric, French youngster Kylian Mbappe and Belgian international Eden Hazard.

Captain of the Super Eagles Mikel had Lionel Messi, Mbappe and Modric in that order.

Gernot Rohr's votes for 2018 FIFA Player of the Yearplay

Rohr left out Messi and Ronaldo in his votes for Player of the Year (FIFA)

Mikel John Obi votes for 2018 FIFA Player of the Yearplay

While Mikel had Messi, but left out Ronaldo (FIFA)



Nigerian journalist Christian Okpara represented the Nigerian media in the votes and had Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane, Modric and Mbappe in that order.

For Coach of the Year,  Rohr had Deschamps, Zinedine Zidane and Pep Guardiola in that order while his captain Mikel chose Zidane first with Guardiola and Croatia coach Dalic Zlatko.

Gernot Rohr votes for 2018 Coach of the Yearplay

Rohr also partook in the votes for Coach of the Year (FIFA)


John Mikel Obi votes for 2018 Coach of the Yearplay

Mikel voted for Zidane, Guardiola and Zlatko for Coach of the Year (FIFA)


For the Nigerian media, Okpara went with Zidane, Deschamps and Zlatko.

As Argentina captain, Messi has Ronaldo in his top three votes with Modric and Mbappe.

Ronaldo, however, did not return the favour voting for his former Real Madrid teammates Varane, Modric and Antoine Griezmann.

Modric has Varane, Ronaldo and Griezmann in his top three.