Gospel singer Nicah The Queen is once again causing ripples on the internet with her thunderous ‘assets’ after stepping out in a swimsuit while on vacay.

Nicah, who doesn’t shy away from riling up conservative netizens who constantly accuse her of behaving like a secular artiste, was at it again Wednesday as she shared a video of her ground-shaking walk towards the beach.

The video was strategically captured from behind, showing the bootylicious singer clad in the same two-piece bikini that landed her in trouble with netizens in August.

“❣? Vacay mood activated!” she captioned the clip.


In another video, Nicah also let her booty steal the show, as it shows her talking a leisurely walk at her holiday destination dressed in figure-hugging shorts. She wrote: “Let’s vacay??” and added the hashtag #Jesusgurl.

Here are some of the wild reactions to the videos:

Moustarpher: “Make me a Jesus boy.”

snoopkegler76: “You fine, fine???????????

bechi_brown: “Jamani mwenye kuchukua video namuhurumia???????”

wisdomoghene: “Seriously… Are those for REAL?????❤️❤️❤️❤️??”

jeddywakesho: “Not in a bad way but Jesusgurl hafai kuexpose that much”

eduurush: “Ethics are looking for a video Vixen,?

janephernyamwata: “You are okay bt what r you showing non Christian?

cap_da_biker: “@nicahthequeen ?????????? jeeeez woman now that’s a woman wooooah.”

exclusive_furniture_designs: “Holy snack”

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