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Tharaka-Nithi County employees who fail to deliver on their mandate risk losing their jobs, Governor Muthomi Njuki has said.

Speaking at his office in Kathwana during the signing of one-year performance contracts with the County Executive Members, Mr Njuki who spoke tough, told those who are not ready to deliver as per the contract targets to tender their resignation letters. 

“You can’t be a non performer for two consecutive years and continue occupying the same positions in my government,” said Mr Njuki.

In the contracts, every department is supposed to set its one-year targets and make sure they are meet.

Looking at the performance of various departments in the last one year, Mr Njuki said the Roads and Housing department scored only 40 per cent while that of Energy and ICT achieved its target at 78 per cent.

Among the achievements, the ICT department has been able to automate revenue collection, hospital operations, biometric staff system and is in the process of installing tracking gadgets on all county vehicles to regulate their usage.

Though it had not signed performance contract for the last one year, the county boss pointed out that, the Human Resource department was the worst performing.


He noted that his efforts to remove ghosts workers from the payroll had been met with a lot of resistance as some officers in the department were bringing in new workers resulting to a bloated wage bill.

“There are some officers who are sabotaging my efforts to remove ghost workers from the county’s payroll,” he said.

Mr Njuki regretted that his government had not achieved what he promised in his manifesto.

He said out of the 40 kilometres of tarmacked road that he promised the people, he had only managed to one kilometre of Mitheru-Kaanwa road.

He added that no single coin had been issued to needy students as bursary since he came into office due to failure by the county assembly to come up with a guideline.

“We have no law to govern issuance of bursary funds because our county assembly has failed to pay Sh47,000 to the Government Printer to have the bill printed citing lack of funds,” he said.