Search engine Google has unveiled new enhancement aimed at making the task of finding answers online even easier for its users around the world.

The company which marked 20 years recently will be incorporating the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help give its users more relevant and high quality information.

According to Charles Murito, Google Kenya’s country manager they have developed language learning techniques that help algorithms to understand the meanings of words, such as spelling corrections and synonyms

‘’We have also applied machine learning to make enormous progress in areas like speech recognition, image understanding and machine translation,’’ he said.


Adding that, ‘’ Today, all I have to do is launch my Search feed and I get instant access to my travel schedule, how long it will take me to get to the airport in present traffic, the weather, and many other service providers nearby based on my interests.’’

This shift, dubbed ‘’Journeys’’, means that the answers to your present queries will “bear in mind” any similar or related queries you have ever made before with the goal of delivering even more relevant and accurate results.

Google currently has over 25 million pages, and the company is said to have indexed hundreds of billions of pages and the number grows with every new piece of information added to the web by users around the globe.

Google remains optimistic that advancements in AI technology will see innovation drive much of the future search engine as users experience a more intuitive search engine connecting them to relevant and contextualised information.