South Sudan’s general Daniel Awet Akot who is reported to have had a business and romantic relationship with slain Monica Kimani has opened up for the first time, shedding more light on the life of Monica Kimani.

Speaking to the Standard on Saturday, Akot divulged that he was not the reason behind Ms Kimani’s flamboyant lifestyle and business success, strongly denying knowing or ever working with her.

Through his executive manager of his office Deng Aoch, Akot distanced himself from the murder and insisted allegations linking him to the slain beauty are false.

“How would you have worked with somebody you don’t know?” Akot asked.

The war-lord turned politician divulged that there are hidden forces keen on using Monica’s death to push a certain agenda, adding that he would be proceeding to court to seek legal redress.


File image of Monica Nyawira Kimani who was found murdered in Kilimani (Courtesy)


“We are wondering what is the relevance of saying the governor had a relationship with Monica. Are they trying to imply that the general had a hand in the murder?

The only true thing about whatever is being peddled in the press in Kenya about this whole matter is that the General was a governor in Rumbek” Achoch stated.

His office also termed reports that he owns property worth millions in Nairobi under the supervision of Monica as false.

“The general does not own a single iron sheet in Nairobi. If he owns anything it is in South Sudan and this is well known,” Achoch said.



File image of Joseph Irungu and Jacque Maribe (Courtesy)


In response to claims by Monica’s father Bishop Paul Ngarama that they had met and established contacts, the general denied ever meeting the bishop but acknowledged that due to the nature of his political career, the two may have met at some point.

Ms Kimani was murdered on 20 Sep, a day after she jetted back into the country from South Sudan.

Police are currently holding Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe and her fiancé Joseph Jowie Irungu over the murder.

DNA samples have confirmed that Irungu was at the scene of the murder.