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George Ndirangu is a Kigali-based multimedia broadcast journalist working with BBC Africa. He is passionate about travelling, fashion and telling the African story. He is always on the move for work or leisure.


Are you a relaxed or an anxious traveller?

I am afraid of heights, so we could say, I am an anxious traveller. But I’m all relaxed when we are safely above the clouds. So I guess we could say I am a bit of both.

At least twice a month. As a multimedia broadcast journalist, I often fly to chase after or cover stories in the region. But I also fly for leisure.

How do you prepare for a flight?

I always make sure all my communication gadgets are charged i.e. watch, phone, iPad or laptop and any other equipment. Depending on the length of the flight or the reason, I may also stock up on some movies to watch in-flight, or on Netflix and even YouTube downloads. I make sure I am in sweatpants and now you can find me in Crocs if not low top sneakers.

What is your best airport?


I have a couple actually, Heathrow in London, the Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar and Zurich Airport in Switzerland. These airports have all these services that make your terminal stay very efficient, and the décor and open spaces makes them airy despite being very busy. It reduces stress on travellers.

What is your routine on long haul flights?

When possible, I catch up on my sleep, and if not I binge watch movies on my iPad. I also take the time to plan ahead the different spaces of my life.

Are you particular about flying either business or economy?

Not at all, so long as I get where I am going.

Do you have any peculiar habits while flying?

Yes, I try not to use the bathroom. On my longest flight to the US recently I tried in vain not to take a bathroom break. But nature had its way.

How do you dress for a flight?

I normally wear sweatpants, a T-shirt and I bring a shawl to cover up when it gets a bit cold. I also make a point of removing my spectacles. Besides a hat, I don’t wear jewellery beyond a watch, and for comfort I wear high socks and low top sneakers or Crocs.

What are the five things you take on a flight?

Headphones, iPad and phone, (I download a lot of movies). Hairbrush, chewing gum and a phone charger.

Do you prefer taking a taxi or being dropped off and picked up by a friend or family member?

Either works for me. Being picked by a friend in a new town would be ideal, but I’m not entirely stuck on it. I could easily Uber around.