The family of a woman, who died in the Fort Ternan accident on October 10 last year, is asking for financial assistance.

Ms Susan Ludenyi’s family needs to raise Sh35,000 mortuary bill. Ms Ludenyi’s body had stayed at Kericho County Referral Hospital mortuary for four months.  

Speaking during the burial of Ms Ludenyi, 32, at Sivalu village in Vihiga County on Friday, the family also called for financial help to raise the deceased’s two children.

The family did not know that Ms Ludenyi was among the 56 people who died in the Fort Ternan accident until mid-last month when they were directed to check out at the mortuary. They identified her body on January 23.

Through their spokesman Mr Hezron Muyesu, the family told mourners that it may not be able to raise the mortuary bill as well as provide for the minors.

Ms Ludenyi was buried at her maternal home after her matrimonial family declined to take her body.

“She died in the (Fort Ternan) accident, we did not know that she was travelling from Nairobi. We only learnt that she had been in the bus on October 10,” said Mr Muyesu.

 “We traveled to Kericho identified her body, now we have a mortuary bill of Sh35,000,” he added.


The family said that should the children’s father decline to take them, they will seek government’s help to raise them in a children’s home.

“In the last four months, we have not had rest. We have had the agony of looking for her body in mortuaries, we are now concerned about the upkeep of the two children she has left behind,” Mr Muyesu said.

He said that Central Maragoli MCA Mr Evans Chunguli offered his pick-up to transport the body from Kericho for burial. The family also received Sh5,000 from Vihiga MP Ernest Ogesi.

“We still have bills to meet. I was told families of the Fort Ternan accident victims were given Sh50,000,” he said.

Ms Ludenyi had travelled to Nairobi in September 2018 to search of menial jobs to help her take care of a young family and her aging mother.