A form two student is currently admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital after being burnt by coffee from a tea urn in school.

The 14 year old was transferred from Tenri Hospital in Embu to St Teresa Kiambu and later to KNH after the coffee poured on him.

His mother Tabby accused Embu High School of negligence saying she was not briefed on the circumstances surrounding the incident and that the school did not even have a staffer accompanying the boy to hospital in Kiambu.

“Vile niliona mtoto wangu sikuamini, chai inaweza kuchoma mtoto mwili yote? Mimi hawakuni-explainia vizuri hata mtoto mwenyewe nikimuuliza ananiambia hakumbuki,” the mother narrated.

Embu High principal Lynette Manyengo has explained that the incident that happened on Monday at around 6pm was treated with urgency.

“The boy was swinging on a trolley that carries the 40 litre tea urn before dinner when it toppled over and poured on him. Other students who had come to the dining area to drink water heard him scream and rushed to help him removing his clothes and carrying him to my office. I called a taxi and my two boarding masters accompanied by a student leader took the boy to Tenri Hospital where we usually take our students.


“After first aid and stabilization I called the boy’s parents and explained what had happened and they asked that we keep them updated. The hospital recommended that the boy be admitted at a different hospital as their wards were full and so we called the parents to consult.

“They opted for admission at St Teresa in Kiambu and Tenri organized for an ambulance which they said would only have the patient, a nurse and her assistant on board. At 2am I called the mother and she confirmed that her son had arrived and had been admitted,” Manyengo explained.

It was on Tuesday evening that the principal received reports that the parents had accused the school of negligence.

“I have been calling them since then they have not been picking up and today (Thursday) I sent two teachers to Kenyatta where they were told the parents had left strict instructions that no one except them would see the boy. I have told them to hang around till they see the parents as they come in for the evening visit,” she said.

According to Tenri, the boy sustained 30 per cent burns but had been stabilized before being transferred.

“We are very sorry about this, nobody wants a child to be injured we need the student. We will just wait till we are able to speak to the parents in hospital where my teachers are waiting,” Manyengo added.