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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has refuted claims circulating online that slain Kilimani woman Monica Kimani was their employee.

A ministry spokesperson said Ms Kimani, whose cruel murder in Nairobi last week shocked the nation, never worked at the Kenyan Embassy in Juba or any of the ministry’s institutions.

Ms Kimani was killed shortly after she arrived in Nairobi from Juba, South Sudan where she was based.

Her occupation in Juba became a subject of bloggers, who claimed that she worked at the Kenyan diplomatic mission in Juba where she had connections with officials from the South Sudan’s government.


The blogs did not specify the kind of job she was doing at the embassy, terms of contract or even whether she was a diplomat.

Her family claimed she was a businessperson.

But a statement from the Foreign Affairs ministry said they have never had such person as a member of staff.