Residents of Muselele area in Machakos county held a demo on Saturday to protest against the county’s failure to fix the drainage system.

This followed heavy rains which caused River Mulele to burst its banks and rendered roads impassable.

The residents accused cartels within the county government of diverting cash collected from hundreds of quarries in Muthwani ward meant for repairs and development.

They resolved to collect revenue from quarries by themselves during a meeting last Wednesday.

The minutes were signed by 61 residents and resolved to collect revenue to fix bridges, roads and drainages in Muselele.

Spokesman Robert Kuria said more than 3,000 residents living in Kausiani, Sunshine, Kwahere, Ndovoini, Powerline, among other estates had been affected.

The bridge that connects the estates to Joska shopping centre along Kangundo Road is in a poor condition, he said.

The residents said it is pointless for the Machakos government to collect revenue from the quarries and truck drivers yet it has failed to deliver development services, including constructing roads and bridges in Mavoko.

“Most of us including myself have been adversely affected by the situation; our farms are flooded and crops swept away by floodwaters,” Kuria said.

He addressed the press near Muselele bridge on Saturday.

“I have been unable to report to work since Wednesday, when the road was cut off after the bridge was toppled by floods; only four wheel drive vehicles and lorries can manoeuvre. I have been stranded,” Kuria said.


The residents asked area MCA George King’ori to help them take over collection from the county government.

“Muselele residents called King’ori after our roads were cut off. We met and resolved to fix the roads and bridges using revenue from the quarries. He must support us in this since we do not have alternative roads to our homes,” Kuria said.

“We don’t see the benefits of these quarries, let the monies collected from them be used for fixing the bridge and dilapidated roads”.

Several truck drivers plying the route from quarries said they remit Sh850 per lorry for each trip though make but do not see services.

They said roads are pathetic and impassable in Mavoko, especially, Muthwani ward where there are a lot of quarries.

Residents later accompanied King’ori to one of the quarries where two county revenue officers fled when asked to show receipts confirming they were charging all trucks from the quarry.

King’ori said he organised the visit after discovering some trucks were not remitting revenue.

He said some officers collect cash instead of using M-Pesa till numbers as required.

“I have evidence that these county officials swindle money collected from quarries. They help drivers evade remitting revenue by collecting between Sh300 and Sh400 which they pocket unreceipted,” King’ori said.

The Transport executive was unavaible for comment.

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