Kenyan RnB singer Otile Brown over the weekend sent a special message to his socialite ex-girlfriend Vera Sidika and netizens could not just let it go.

In his message, Otile said that he sometimes misses Vera Sidika and that she is beautiful and kind.

You’re such a beautiful person, lively and kind… I do miss you sometimes. Happy birthday Maa, more life more blessings. Katoto ka cutie,” read Otile’s post.


How fans reacted after Otile’s birthday message to Vera Sidika (Instagram)


Fans of the two former love birds flocked to Otile Brown’s comment section to express their feelings over what was going on between the socialite and her ex-boyfriend.

Here are their reactions;

otilebrownYou’re such a beautiful person , lively and kind .. I do miss you sometimes. Happy birthday Maa , more life more blessings . Katoto ka cutie

maaminimaniAti sometimes?? Kama unamiss mtu, miss mtu, wachana na mambo ya ‘sometimes’

miss_christinakennedy caption yaeeh tam…. bora wewe unaesema ukweli you do miss her sometimes maana kunae wengine viburi vikikutana mitandaoni ni tabu

muhz_faith254Aki woiii… Imagine I feel your pain I want a man like Otile

achieng_pjAla! You want to play with our feelings again? Nigutee!


How fans reacted after Otile’s birthday message to Vera Sidika (Instagram)


njeri.kimOtile brown nyinyi ni ma Connie muwache kutubeba kama uhuru kenyatta we invest alot of bundles in your lives..alafu umuite kind na ulisema ali abort your child.

daisytherealdealOtilebrown should open a school to teach some boy child to put some respect  on their exes. Diamond come enroll

martin_ritzeeHold it … Why are you people confusing us?? Are you forgetting we are also in this relationship? Otile bwana we can’t work like this

kobia9Lol  otile. See your life. You could just ask her for an invite privately instead of kujiaibisha ivi


justusmochogeMove on stop trying to get attention from your ex you made a decision, stick to it and give yourself time you will meet someone else

mrphatmusiqWhen a man uses the word sometimes that means every time just afraid to say… Mtarudiana tu usijali


How fans reacted after Otile’s birthday message to Vera Sidika (Instagram)


ascarsharon4498Uko tu sawa brathe,,supu ya managu ndo upunguze kunywa itakuchizisha,,and bytha a u owk like fo rill,,????????

faithfullyuongoThis is how u differentiate btn a#man,and a #boy @otilebrown this maturity, friendship is Wen u take away the romance and passion in arelationship and u find u still care for the person

vllaavvykwani unataka kutoa video ingine na you need her help again hehehe wacha kujifanya go straight to the point

dokta_dreadSincerely speaking you’re not a” bad man” nor a” gangster “wewe ni softie latoromento la faraiso… Ukiachwa achika

leetonniaOtile have you just realised that vee was makinh you more famois?en like you are destroyers. Please go hatutaki another jowiemaribe saga