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A family in Ambusket village in Olenguruone, Kuresoi South in Nakuru County has postponed the burial of a man who was beheaded during the recent Olpusimoru clashes along the Nakuru-Narok border.

The family now wants the government to search for the head of their kin and have vowed not to bury his body until his head is found.

The body has been lying at Molo Sub-County Hospital mortuary for the last three weeks as the kin comb the forest in search of his head.

Mr Robert Chepkwony, 33, was killed when clashes erupted between the Maasai and the Kipsigs in Olpusimoru.

His burial was slated for Friday but the family refused to collect his body for burial insisting that the head must first be found.

According to the family, the man, together with his friends, were looking for stolen cattle when he was attacked.

Mr Elijah Kimutai, 60, said it is against the Kalenjin traditions to bury a body without the head.

“The funeral was postponed as per the Kalenjin traditions which state that the dead cannot be buried without the head,” said Mr Kimutai.

Mr Kimutai said the body would not be interred until the head is recovered.


“Even after killing him why would they take his head away? Why?” Asked his mother Alice Chepkurui Sang as tears rolled down her cheeks.

His wife, Ms Genivah Chepkwony, 28, said she was left with a big burden of taking care of their five children.

“I call upon the government to make sure my brother’s head is found. We can’t bury him without the head,” said Mr Emmanuel Kiplangat who is the man’s brother.

The family said they will continue mourning the death of their kin until the head is recovered.

Mr Daudi Tangus, 81, a village elder, said he has never witnessed anyone being buried without a head.

Mr Tangus said the family and the elders would convene and consult on how the burial rituals will be conducted according to the Kalenjin traditions.

“A ram would be slaughtered to cleanse and allow the family to bury their kin if his head will not be found,” said Mzee Tangus.

But he was optimistic the head will be found.

Mourners who had come for the burial were shocked when they were told the body had no head.

“We would like to see the killers being arrested and charged in court,” said Mr Kimutai.

Chief Benjamin Maritim said police are combing the forest where the body was found.

“Police are searching for the missing body part while maintaining peace,” he said.