Property worth an estimated Sh8 million was destroyed early Saturday morning in a suspected case of arson in Nyamira South.

Witnesses claimed the incident at about 2am was the result of a land dispute involving two families.

Ms Truphena Migosi said the owner of the property – her husband – died in 2004 but had asked her and her co-wife to collect rent.

“There were two houses which we rented. When my husband got sick, he divided the property and directed us to collect rent,” she said.

Ms Migosi alleged that her step-son later sold the land to tenant Peter Nyakundi without consulting the other people in the family.

“We have tried in vain to settle this dispute,” she said, noting it began in 2018.

It was said that Mr Nyakundi had moved some of his property because of a caution on the land and the revocation of his title deed of about Sh1.6 million.

The tenant was issued with an eviction order around November 29, 2018.


Nyamira South divisional police commander Lilies Wachira said officers and personnel from the county tried unsuccessfully to put out the fire.

Mr Mosomi Mayaka  a shop owner, said he lost belonging worth more than Sh500,000 in the fire.

“I am really shocked that land a dispute has caused me this loss,” he said.

Mr Alloys Nyagoto, a clinical officer and owner of Ense Chemist, placed the value of the property he lost at Sh2 million.

“It’s sad Ithat have lost medical equipment worth above Sh2 million,” he said.

Residents asked police to quickly investigate the matter and punish those found responsible for the fire.