That DP Ruto is angling to succeed his boss Uhuru Kenyatta is no secret.

But powerful individuals in and outside politics are not comfortably with a Ruto presidency.

Recent outburst by former Jubilee Party national vice-chairman David Murathe against the DP all but confirms this. Murathe is Uhuru’s bosom friend.

The former Gatanga MP has christened his attempts the Stop Ruto Movement. His unabashed tirades against his former party boss rekindle events of the 1970s when a powerful clique of politicians close to Jomo Kenyatta went full throttle via the infamous “change the Constitution movement” whose sole agenda was to stop VP Daniel Moi from succeeding Jomo.

Fast forward, the Stop Ruto Movement, whose public face has become Murathe and Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu is replaying the events of the 1970s by trying to put all manner of hurdles against the DP.


Murathe is on record as saying that he’ll move to the Supreme Court to seek an interpretation of the Constitution as to whether the DP is legally fit to contest the 2022 Presidential poll. Weird thinking indeed. The group has also tried to use the public fora and blogosphere to wrongly, and maliciously, paint the DP as the poster boy of corruption. Never mind corruption has been the single biggest headache for Kenya as an independent republic since 1963.Ruto was born a few years after 1963.

The DP has remained loyal to his boss since the time the two ascended to power in 2013. He has served him with diligence and commitment. These are qualities that have endeared Ruto to the grassroots.

The ground in Gema region has not shifted against the DP despite the mudslinging. Folks in Mt Kenya remain loyal to his candidature and see him as the best bet to succeed Uhuru since there exists no obvious leader from among the Gema communities.

What wrong has Ruto done to Uhuru or to us as a community to warrant betrayal? That’s the questions folks are asking. Despite the handshake, the Gema communities still distrust ODM leader Raila Odinga because of his past onslaught against Gema leaders.

Muthumbi is a businessman and a PNU politician, he spoke to the Star.

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