EDITORIAL: Minister jumped the gun

Transport and Housing Cabinet Secretary James Macharia. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Transport and Housing Cabinet Secretary James Macharia seems to have jumped the gun in announcing the implementation of the increasingly controversial 1.5 percent levy on salaries of formal employees.


Following his pronouncement in Nyeri, it now emerges that all is not well with employers saying no deal has been reached and that his move was taken without consultation.

Injunctions by various parties are still in place in the Employment and Labour Relations Court with Judge Hellen Wasilwa having granted a stay of implementation.

Neither employers, nor the giant workers union, Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu), have endorsed the levy.

Saying that those who do not benefit from the money or own their houses will get refunds on retirement, is least assuring to the already heavily burdened taxpayer.

Despite the novel idea of providing mass housing, all must read from the same script before implementing the levy.

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