Energy secretary Charles Keter. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

At the beginning of this month, Energy secretary Charles Keter told the country that massive solar injection in the national grid was in the works after completion of the transmission line.

If that was the case, power prices would have dropped by now, which is why the whole country was collectively holding its breath.


But very unfortunately, despite the September 4 promise that in five days the injection would happen, to date nothing of the sort has occurred.

Given that Mr Keter speaks for the government and his pronouncements are supposed to carry weight with investors—who have borne the brunt of high power tariffs—we can only urge the government to quit giving false hopes to the public especially in the current economic crisis.

On Thursday, we quoted the developers of the wind farm saying the transmission works were yet to be completed meaning Kenyans will continue paying a steep price for power and by extension goods and services, especially with the VAT on fuel and its effects goods and services. Ministers should only make practical promises.

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