Willy Paul and Nandy put up quite the raunchy scintillating show recently and it got tongues wagging as people wondered aloud why a gospel artist was doing as much as he was doing to set the bar for secular artistes.

And immediately after the performance, news rent the air that Willy Paul and Nandy had been involved in an accident.

The internets went mad with individuals not worrying about his wellbeing but instead pontificating about why he got into the life-threatening situation.

Kenyans were quick to point out the timing of the accident and they concluded that God was showing his vengeful side.

Personally, the God I know is a merciful one so I do not understand why Kenyans ascribe their anger to their God.

I guess it is why my father often said, we all worship a different God.

Anyway, check out some of the comments I came across:


God is not man that you joke around with his name ????



Nandy was somehow the cause of willy Paul’s downfall yeye ndo alimalizi kawokovu alikuaamebaki nako


If the accident is true …Willy paul should know when you play with God you catch fire


Eeeh nlijua tu ….. Bibi ya marehemu yuachezewa … willy paul unafaa kuapologise kwa kile ulifanya mkiwa KICC la sivyo utapatwa na majanga