Dk Kwenye beat

Ringtone broke the news that DK Kwenye Beat was rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack.

He was asking Kenyans to pray for DK, saying he doesn’t want to lose someone in the industry.

This was after an audio leaked of DK and his friend mocking the lass who exposed him and HopeKid for s3xual harassment and later infecting her with herpes.

The singer trended for the better part on Saturday after being exposed on social media. DK’s girlfriend, Shanice also went ahead to delete her Instagram account, seeing as the trolls became too much.

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Size 8 was also trolled for showing support for DK and HopeKid, while telling Kenyans not to judge the two for their misdeeds, also insisting we may not know the full story.

Hours later, she released a press statement withdrawing her support and even deleted the videos from her social media pages.

Size 8


Here is a picture of DK Kwenye Beat lying on a hospital bed:

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