People living with disabilities in Samburu county have been advised to register their businesses directly with government agencies to access tenders.

County head of supply chain management Geoffrey Kitewan on Saturday said cons have been issuing fake company registration certificates to women, youth and people living with disabilities and telling them they will secure government tenders instantly.

“The law requires that 30 per cent of government tenders be reserved for women, youths and people living with disabilities, but many don’t understand the process and conmen take advantage of this,” he said during an awareness campaign.


Ketiwan said that the cons have been mobilising PLWD into groups across the county and issuing fake registration certificates for a fee after assuring them they will automatically get government tenders.

He advised the groups to register their companies at Huduma centres.

Jenerita Akeru, a visually impaired resident of Maralal town, welcomed the awareness seminar, saying most people were unaware of the 30 per cent tender allocation.

Residents were trained on how to access government procurement opportunities as well as how to present tender bids.

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