The Energy Regulatory Commission has partnered with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to wipe out crooks dealing in illegal liquefied petroleum gas.

 ERC director general Pavel Oimeke yesterday said they have already impounded 12 bulk LPG road tankers at the Namanga border and arrested 13 suspects. 

“The suspects were arraigned and charged with importation, transportation and sale of liquefied petroleum gas without valid licences issue under the Energy Act, 2006,” Oimeke said.

 Namanga border is notoriously exploited by tax evaders to import substandard products.

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The DCI has been spearheading a relentless war against contraband and has lately trained its guns on officers abetting the trade. Some 30 senior KRA and KBS officials were arrested early this week and charged in an ongoing probe into the importation of poisonous sugar and other contrabands.


 Oimeke urged members of the public to be vigilant and report any suspected malpractice in the petroleum subsector.

The ERC said they have intensified countrywide surveillance in the LPG sector to curb the trade, which is a threat to lives and the Kenyan economy.

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 An evasive but ruthless cartel has been running a parallel multimillion-shilling market in the country, putting thousands of lives at risk and minting millions tax-free.

Cheap but sometimes-leaky cooking gas cylinders filled by racketeers who provide no maintenance has been a nightmare to consumers, especially in informal settlements where the black market thrives.

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