The court on Tuesday ordered Olympic High school to re-admit ‘rasta girl’ Makeda Ndida in Form One with immediate effect pending the judgement of her case.

Judge Chacha Mwita gave the orders in a petition where the girl’s father John Mwendwa sued the school for refusing to admit her dreadlocked daughter unless she shaved.

“While in school, the minor shall keep her hair neat and fully covered by a turban, black in colour until further orders of the court,” Mwita said.

The judgement will be delivered on May 3. This means the girl will finish her first term at the school

Makeda’s father filed the suit arguing that refusal by the school to admit her daughter violated her freedom of religion.

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The hairstyle is part of her religious belief  – Rastafarianism, he said.


Mwendwa testified that the whole family are Rastafari and are forbidden by the Bible from cutting their hair.

Mwendwa, alias Prophet, listed the school’s board of management, the Education Ministry and the Attorney General as respondents. 

Makeda had the dreadlocks throughout her primary education.

But on January 10, she was pulled out of a classroom soon after admission at Olympic High school and summoned by the deputy headteacher.

He condemned and dismissed her for having and concealing the dreadlocks.

On January 16, Education CS Amina Mohammed said the school should unconditionally admit the girl. 

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